How to SIM for Healers

This guide has been made by Seii ‹Exiles› @ Emerald Dream (EU)

As you know, healer statweights and statistics aren’t set in stone. Always take a grain of salt and look at what the fight has to offer.

But to do it properly:

1. Use Warcraftlogs to get the info on the fight you want, if it’s general info take a fight that has a mix of incoming damage. For example, the Nine has movement (downtime) ticking damage and burst spot healing so it’s pretty decent. Click on this Log as an example .

2. Go to WoWAnalyzer and use that link that I mentioned on 1. above. Click on yourself and view statistics for statweights. If WoWAnalyzer says it’s not accurate for your class, double check if your class discord has stat weights for your perusal.

3. go to Questionably Epic and add character, fill in the statweights in the Cogwheel.

4. Use SimulationCraft addon to add your gear to QE live with the button simc (you can also write /simc in-game to get your gear set which you import in QE, make sure you’re in the right spec, equipment set and with the right talents/conduits)

5. From there, you look at what you want to know, I personally find “gear quick compare” the best, as it gives you insight in the upgrades that are so small that it might not be worth it. Sometimes the little bit extra of stamina is better than +2 intellect.